It’s hard to have a broken appliance inside your home, especially if the piece of appliance we’re talking about is something that you use on a regular basis. Just imagine not having a working washer, for instance. Can you imagine how much laundry would pile up each passing day that it doesn’t work? Especially if you have a houseful of people, this is definitely not going to work. Going to the laundromat is not always a good idea either, especially if you have so much to take care of. When you find yourself in the middle of a dilemma like this, there’s only one solution. And that’s to get in touch with a trusted name in washer repair in Orange County, CA like D&V Appliance Repair.

Common Washing Machine Problems

If your washer has been around for quite some time and has carried quite a huge amount of load while it was still in use, then it wouldn’t be surprising for it to start showing a few signs of retiring earlier than you expect. It’s just regular wear and tear, and even if your washer’s manufacturer promised you that you still have a few years of service left before it completely breaks down, the life of any appliance would always depend on how and how often you use it.
What are common problems that you may expect your washer to have?

  • It does nothing when you turn it on.
  • The washer does not spin.
  • The washer does not drain.
  • The washer does not finish the cycle.
  • The washer is leaking.

Does any of these sound familiar?

Going the DIY Route

When it comes to these common washer problems, a lot of people opt to try their own hand at repairing the appliance first before they even think about calling for washer repair in Orange County, CA. When you think about it, you would probably believe that this is the cheaper option, especially if you consider the repair costs. However, what you may not realize is the fact that you also open yourself up to a huge number of risks, which could turn out to be even more expensive in the long run.
There is a very good reason why washer manufacturers give out certifications to technicians who have gone through their training courses. Manufacturers know that their appliances could be complex, and that issues that may arise in the course of you using it may be hard to resolve.
Opening up your own washer means ignoring the safety precautions that manufacturers issue about their products. Yes, that tutorial you saw on the internet makes it all look extremely easy. But if these things were easy, then all places you go to for washer repair in Orange County, CA would probably be out of business by now. These things could be harder than you think and you could face even bigger problems like:

  • Worse problems due to wrong solutions applied
  • Misdiagnosis of the problem
  • Wasted time, parts, and money
  • Higher costs
  • Faulty wiring that could cause accidents

These risks alone should make you stop and think twice about opening up that washer yourself. Remember that a single symptom that you see could be caused by a number of different things, each cause would mean a different set of solutions as well. How do you expect to fix a washer that’s not working properly if you are not even sure where the problem is coming from?

Why Trust D&V for Washer Repair in Orange County, CA

This is where D&V steps in. Just when you feel that urge to start taking matters into your own hands, let us tell you first why it’s a wiser choice to let us take over.

  • Wide Range of Brands and Appliances. We specialize in all imaginable brands and appliances, and are able to fix any kind of problem. This means that even if you called us with your washer in mind, we can also work on any other piece of appliance that you might also be having problems with when we get to your home.
  • Licensed and Insured Technicians. Out technicians aren’t just knowledgeable in different brands and appliances, they also have all the necessary licenses and certifications that prove this fact. This means that they went through rigid training and passed the tests required for them to be able to say that they are experts in their field. They also have years of experience, which means that they have encountered every possible case there is for any washer repair in Orange County, CA and would definitely know what to do in each and every case.
  • Same Day Service. We understand how important your appliances are to you, which is why we strive to give you the fastest possible response each and every time. We even offer emergency repair services after hours without extra charge, in case you encounter the problem late in the night or during weekends.
  • Best Price in the Area. We take pride in the knowledge that we offer the most competitive prices among different businesses that offer washer repair in Orange County, CA. We’re not just claiming this; the reviews on our website and at different external websites state this fact a number of times.
  • Genuine Parts. We always offer long-term solutions and not temporary fixes so that we know for sure that you wouldn’t have the same problem over and over again. One way for us to do this is by ensuring that we use nothing less than genuine parts. This way, we are able to ensure quality. We even have up to 5 years warranty for the parts that we install.
  • Fully Stocked Trucks. We know that emergencies happen unannounced, which is why we keep each and every one of our trucks fully stocked with every imaginable part. This means that our technicians save time and are able to fix your appliances right away without the need to run to our offices just to get some parts.

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